Understand the reasons behind customer churn and
stop it from happening using AI and Machine Learning

Customer churn is the single greatest threat to revenue. Pivigo can help you to analyse your user's interaction, predicting when customers churn and on what stage of the journey. 

Our actionable insights can tell you when to intervene and how; giving you a clear path to effective reengagement and retention schemes to ensure you keep your revenue streams strong.

Fix the leaky customer bucket with Machine Learning

Robert Grieg-Gran

“The result of the project has given us a greater understanding of how our customers choose from our recipes, increased our spend per customer and will help us to forecast more accurately. We’re continuing to work with Pivigo on other exciting data science projects together.” 

Co-founder & CEO, Mindful Chef

What our customers say

Pivigo builds custom AI solutions to help companies to reduce churn and keep their customers happy for longer. Get the guide to understand how to do it, and why this is so important for your business.

Get results in as little as five weeks. We've helped companies such as Ed Place predict up to 87% of monthly customers who are going to leave in three months and 85% of annual customers who are going to leave within the next month.

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By reducing churn 5% - You will increase revenue by 5-25x

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