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With the economic storm of rising living costs, rent increases, and surging energy prices, it's crucial to know which of your tenants are at risk of falling into arrears before more changes in April 2022.

Our data preview analyses your tenancies to see who’s most at risk of arrears and what your arrears forecast will look like over the next 2 months. 

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 Protect your income through prevention and proactive engagement instead of enforcement and eviction.

 Spare tenants from the stress of being in debt, court action and worrying about losing their home.

 Automatically differentiate between likely short- and longer-term cases to make better use of resources and prevent persistent lost revenue.

 Use AI to suggest optimal payment plans that those tenants in long-term arrears are more likely to stick to.

 Benefit from a customised AI service without the risk and expense of building it yourself – and connect it to your housing management system.

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See how Occupi uses AI to make predictions and how quickly you can see your ROI

Discover how our dashboard alerts your team to which tenants they need to contact in which order. 

Separate benign cases from those who need your support and see exactly by how much our systems have improved your income collection.

Early predictions ensure you contact the right tenants at the right time

This ensures your team can take the appropriate preventative action before arrears occur.

AI Predicts Future Cases